Dr. Shambhunath Singh Research Foundation - SRF

डॉ. शम्भुनाथ सिंह रिसर्च फाउण्डेशन - एस.आर.एफ.

The following multi-pronged strategy is used for child protection:

Ending of Child Labour

Child labours in all the villages of the operational area have been identified and they are being acticulated with education by enrolling their names in the schools to recapitulate their childhood.

Child Sexual Abuse

Complaints for child sexual abuse pour in from all over the Eastern Uttar Pradesh. The abused children are rescued and given shelter. Through counselling and legal support the children are mainstreamed into normal life. SRF believes in continued follow-up so as to ensure that the children are properly rehabilitated in the society.

Child Trafficking

Regular vigil is kept on common places like Varanasi railway station, Ganga ghats and public places.

Child Marriage

The general database of child marriage in all the operational areas has been recorded. Awareness has been created in the villages and vigilance committees constituted in the villages. Campaigns against child marriages have been launched in collaboration with the National Commission for Women. Continued dialogue has been initiated with opinion leaders and educationists. As a lost resort, SRF has taken steps to stop child marriages in three instances with the help of the police.

Caste Based Discrimination

Data base pertaining to caste based discrimination of children all over the operational area has been generated. On the basis of the data collected, pressure has been mounted on the local administration to combat such discrimination.

Dhoop Chhaon

This is crisis intervention centre for children in difficult circumstances. Day and night care shelter is provided for state and working children living at Varanasi Cant Railway Station. Dhoop Chhaon centre is also working as community resource centre for a slum area. Varanasi district administration has made available the space, which has been renovated by Sunbeam Group of Educational Institutions and partly supported by Hotel Taj. It is a unique example of public private partnership. At present 50 children are availing facilities like shelter, counselling, emotional support and guidance, drug de-addiction, counselling, legal support against torture.


For helping the children in distress, SRF ran Childline from 1999 to 2008.

Children are often forced into physical and sexual abuse, exploitation, child prostitution, drug addiction, etc. These disadvantaged children can be spotted at all possible places - streets, railway stations, bus stands, brothels and even homes.

Childline was a 24 hour free emergency telephone helpline for children in need and crisis. It used to swing into action as soon as it got information about a child in crisis.

It may be noted that the maximum number of cases pertained to the parents of children asking for help. The next in the series were the case of lost children and then those that needed medical assistance.

Most of the children in whose case the organisation intervened were sent back to their homes as soon as possible. For the others, the organisation adopted an integrated approach for their rehabilitation and protection.

Children in Need of Care and Protection


Children in Conflict with Law


District, Regional and State Level Advocacy for JJ Act and ICPS