Dr. Shambhunath Singh Research Foundation - SRF

डॉ. शम्भुनाथ सिंह रिसर्च फाउण्डेशन - एस.आर.एफ.

Dalits, Nats and Mushars

SRF continuously monitors incidents of exploitation and lack of rights of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes residing in its area of operation. As soon as an incident occurs with these people, the organisation reports the same to the local administration, state government, National Human Rights Commission, National Commission for Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes to provide relief to the person against whom incident of atrocity has taken place. In certain cases, legal action under relevant laws is also going on.

The organisation has done a study on the status of food, land and right to work of the families belonging to this group of people. Lobbying is being done with the district administrations concerned for getting such families BPL, Antyodaya and Annapurna cards, food for work, Indira Awas, lease of land and ponds. These people are being organised to raise their voice. Demand is being raised to get status of Scheduled Tribes to Nats and Mushars.

Urban Homeless

Homeless people in Varanasi city are leading life under the sky on footpaths, railway stations, public parks, etc. A programme is currently underway to empower urban poor for right to shelter and adequate housing within Varanasi city limits. The objectives of the programme are to organise unorganised people for their basic rights; to build a union of these people for their empowerment; to liase wtih the government for providing special facility to the migrant labourers; and to arrange a shelter for the migrant labourers, domestic women workers and children.

So far five temporary night shelter homes (rain baseras) have been established with the efforts of Ashraya Adhikar Manch and government departments concerned.

Unorganised Sector Labour

Attempts are underway to organise unorganised sector labour like in sectors like construction, carpentry, plumbers, electric wiring, motor mechanic, temp drivers, sari weaving, durrie making, handicraft, etc., to they can get facilities that are available to the labour in the organised sector.

An apex union named Asangathit Mazdoor Union of Patari Dukandar Sangathan, Rickshaw Trolley Sangathan, Patthar Tarash Sangathan, Bash Tarash Sangathan, Nirman Mazdoor Sangathan, etc., has come up with representation of these communities.

People from High Risk Behaviour Group and Living with HIV/AIDS

For saving people of this group from HIV/AIDS and for protecting their human rights, six pockets in the state capital Lucknow, namely, Khurram Nagar, Sarvodaya Nagar, Qaiserbagh, Paper Mill, Munshi Pulia and Daraura, and different parts of Varanasi and Jaunpur have been taken up. HIV positive people residing in these pockets are being motivated and an organisation named Positive People Network Society has been formed. At present the network has 45 active members.

People with Disabled