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डॉ. शम्भुनाथ सिंह रिसर्च फाउण्डेशन - एस.आर.एफ.


Lila Adamec 08.10.2015

Serge Monney 08.10.2015

Sharon A Stanley 08.102015


















            Lila Ademec                                                   Sharon A Stanley                                       Serge Monney

            IBM- Canada                                                  IBM- USA                                                 IBM- Switzerland

            08/10/2015                                                   08/10/2015                                             08/10/2015






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"Thank you so much for your hospitality! We look forward to partnering with you."

Eroca Mongelli
Pact, Washington, DC, USA

"Thank you again for sharing your experience and expertise with us. We look forward to working with you and visiting again."

Chanda Chin
Pact, Washington DC, USA

"It has been a pleasure to interact with your organization. I enjoyed the questions that were asked. Hope it will not be the last time I am here with all of you."

Lata Iyer
Rug Mark International, USA, New Delhi Office

"Thank you for all your help and hospitality, the work your organization does is impressive and purposeful. I will always remember working with you."

Chloe Denavit
Paris, France

"Whenever I get in touch with people who are working for social upliftment and contributing in national building, I wish everybody (each citizen) should have prime motto of this kind in his life. I assure, that the work which you are doing for society, is commendable and you will get all cooperation."

Surendra Singh
DM – Bhadohi

"Thank you so much for facilitating a great site visit! We appreciate the time and effort that you put into taking us around today. Pact has been honoured to partner with SRF. Your staff are doing an amazing job. Thank you!"

Erica Mongelli
Wanshington DC USA
Pact, Inc.

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Thank you for taking us on a wonderful site visit. You've accomplished so much in very little time. Pact is grateful for the great partnership. Keep the good work! Thank you!

John Bernon
Washington DC


"Good work in the slum areas visited. You can take forward the work by trying it with CPR of the JNNURM Project. Best wishes."

JVR Murty
WSP-SA, World Bank,
New Delhi

Cell: 09717173632
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.