Dr. Shambhunath Singh Research Foundation - SRF

डॉ. शम्भुनाथ सिंह रिसर्च फाउण्डेशन - एस.आर.एफ.

Over the period the organization has been operational in Varanasi, Chandauli (Mughalsarai), Jaunpur, Bhadohi, Ghazipur, Mirzapur and in some pockets of Lucknow and Sitapur. The rationale of working in these areas has been derived from the culturally engraved issues like child marriage, child labor, child abuse, trafficking, lack of awareness among the rural and urban population, poor accessibility to social security schemes, scarce livelihood sources resulting migration and poor health status. At present organization has a strong presence in the aforesaid districts and intervenes on following area specific issues.

Varanasi and Chandauli

Both the districts are infamous for being a gateway for human trafficking, specially of the children, under the age category of 12 to18 years. Varanasi and Mughalsarai in Chandauli, are two of the places considered to be the destination as well as the source of human trafficking. Trafficked children are further engaged in industries, and other sectors such forced beggary, unpaid domestic labor, prostitution.

SRF has also included various issues in its operational mandate related to urban poverty, urban entitlements and urban homeless. Through its varied programs, SRF has provided support to more than 1500 children in Varanasi and Mughalsarai, while as much as 1500 urban poor families of Varanasi over the period of 5 years. In the year of 2009-10 SRF, has initiated a special community development programme customized for the children of Dom (community involved in cremation at Varanasi Ghat area) and boatman families. The name of the Project is Bhagirathi. In another effort, SRF has been successfully undertaken the programmes aimed at community health, HIV/AIDS, RCH etc. in Varanasi.



SRF has been providing a comprehensive development package to more than 6000 families spread across 50 villages of Aurai Block, of Bhadohi district. The district and specially the target area are known for its large carpet market and equally infamous for substantial numbers of child labour engaged in the carpet weaving. The nature of key interventions in Bhadohi is focused on CCCD “child centered community development” while the development of economic empowerment, education, and community health remains the key tools to development.



Jaunpur is a district, adjacent to Varanasi and known for high rate of outmigration resulting due to outbreak of various societal issues, unemployment and health remains the key concerns among them. To address these issues, SRF undertook the awareness creation regarding HIV/AIDS amongst 12000 families at Jalalpur block of Jaunpur.