Dr. Shambhunath Singh Research Foundation - SRF

डॉ. शम्भुनाथ सिंह रिसर्च फाउण्डेशन - एस.आर.एफ.



Project Summary:

SRF is operational in 34 villages of Aurai blocks covering about 6,000 families and a population of around 50,000 people. The SRF project area is 48 km from the Varanasi. The project area is well known for its internationally popular carpet industry. The serious concerns of the area are problems related to laborers and their families. Occupational health and child labor is big challenge of the area on which the SRF is dealing with. The population of the District Bhadohi is about 1.3 million, with eight persons as an average size of the household. A significant percentage of scheduled caste population (22% of the district population) lives in the district. Child labor, child abuse (including child sexual abuses), child marriage and child trafficking cases is on rise in day to day life particularly in district bhadohi. Out of total 17.5 million working children, 3 million children are working in the carpet industry. Out of these approx. 1.1 million children are from Bhadohi district. In some areas 10 – 12 year old girls and boys were working 8 – 10 hours/day. To reduce these problems, SRF is working in 34 communities of district to create a community that is supportive of creating an enabling environment for the protection of children for realizing their full potential and growth. For this SRF has taken initiatives for the formation of VCPC, training of child right defender youth, newly appointed workers under ICPS scheme for the clarity of their roles and responsibility and continuously supporting the identified cases related to abuse, trafficking, child marriages etc legally and socially. 

Major Achievements:
  1. 35 child right defender youth were trained and became capable in case identification, reporting process, and documentation & communication skill. So that they can take their voices and problems to higher authorities at district level.
    1. VCPC was first formed in Aurai block in the district Bhadohi by the initiatives of SRF and 111 VCPC secretaries/nominated members were oriented about the clarity of their roles and responsibility. They are also trained to develop their skill on minutes writing, compliance procedures & case management and follow up.
    2. After the appointment of workers under ICPS scheme govt. has not arranged any type of orientation programs for them. That’s why SRF planned and trained these workers about their clarity of roles & responsibility and work implementation process.
    3. On the basis of our field experiences a documentary film of 20 minutes was developed on child Trafficking cases & Pocso application which will be very fruitful in creating awareness about trafficking issues.
    4. Quarterly sharing and learning meetings of CPC members helps in case identification and interventions time to time.
    5. Profile of 50 cases were identified and prepared for hearing on child protection issues from the 34 communities where DPO promised to give needful support to the children and ensured to take action for betterment of these children.
    6. In our project area cases related to child sexual abuse and trafficking were identified regularly but the fir was not lodged against any case due to social pressure, myths, unawareness about the laws & acts. Therefore, under the activity “Socio-legal and counseling/rehabilitation to child protection cases, SRF is continuously supporting the identified cases legally and socially.