Dr. Shambhunath Singh Research Foundation - SRF

डॉ. शम्भुनाथ सिंह रिसर्च फाउण्डेशन - एस.आर.एफ.



Project Summary : -

SRF is operational in 34 villages of Aurai blocks covering about 6,000 families and a population of around 50,000 people. The SRF project area is 48 km from the Varanasi. The project area is well known for its internationally popular carpet industry. The serious concerns of the area are problems related to laborers and their families. No efforts are made by the State Government to consult children in framing the policies and programs for children. Awareness on rights of child is largely missing at all levels i.e. parents, communities, community based organizations and duty bearers. Children also do not have capacities and also do not learn how to speak out their issues and concerns. Adults undermine their capacities to participate and the patriarchal society has helped in developing a culture of non-participation of children at family level. Because of above problems the children do not develop the capacities and skills to raise their issues/concerns that are affecting their lives and thus a demand for fulfilling the children rights are not created and their rights remain unfulfilled. SRF is working in 34 communities to create a supportive and enabling environment for the participation of children in the governance process to realize their rights by providing opportunity to the children in governance, changing the attitude of parents not to underestimate their children, to give priority to child rights in panchayats and for other govt. duty bearers and to take the voices & problems of children to the higher authorities at district and state level. Through the strengthening of Bal Paharua, SRF has successfully supported the network of hum bachche to take their voices up to the State level with the help of other partners.

Major Achievements:
  1. Through the regular meeting of BAL Paharua, awareness levels of children were increasing day by day. Now, the children were very much aware about their rights and responsibilities. Now, the children were becoming capable of identifying the issues, giving their efforts for interventions and decision making to sort out the solution of the problems by their own. This leads to a separate identity of the member of the Bal Paharua at the community level, media, and district authorities
  2. The representative of Hum bachche state network don’t only met to the honorable Governor, ICPCR president and members, WCD director, women’s commission, but they share their problems of their district with these higher authorities and successfully they got the commitments from these authorities that they will sort out their issues and whenever they will visit their district, they surely meet to them.
  3. 12 youth from communities were trained on mime skill for the advocacy and awareness on issues of children. After training they present a mime art in koi sun raha hai………..in a stage show at Luck now and by their strong presentation Sutapa Sanayal, Upper police Mahadishek gets influenced by the performance of these children and request them to come and join her awareness campaign.
  4. By influencing with the work of 34 children groups in our project area, 30 more groups were formed. Now, we have 64 children groups in total.
  5. The total 1000 members of BAL PAHARUA of 34 communities shared and learned their issues with each other and they are now capable of sorting their issues on their own.
  6. Our BAL PAHARUA member Master Amit Yaday was invited as a child representative special invitee by Disaster Releif Commissione Ms. Leena Johri.
  7. Child right defender group member Master Hamid Ali was selected as a member of National Youth Advisory Panel which acts as a motivation for the other children.