Dr. Shambhunath Singh Research Foundation - SRF

डॉ. शम्भुनाथ सिंह रिसर्च फाउण्डेशन - एस.आर.एफ.

With Adolescents

Awareness is being created among adolescents in and out of schools about reproductive and sexual health rights through outreach activities. Means like street plays, puppet shows and suggestion boxes in the schools and colleges are being used for this. Interactive sessions are being organised for solving personal reproductive and sexual health problems of the adolescents.

Under the activity, peer youth educators of the organisation participated in exposure visits, national youth convention and several workshops organised in different parts of the country like Kolkata, Delhi, Lucknow and Gorakhpur. This activity is being carried out under the banner of Youth Reproductive and Sexual Health Rights Network.

With Target Couples

Under this, target couples in the age group 15 to 45 years are being covered in Pindara development block of Varanasi district and Chhanbe development block of Mirzapur district. The topics covered include: pre-natal care, immunisation, iron tablets, risks during pregnancy and preparations for safe delivery, promotion of institutional delivery, training to dais for home based delivery, post natal care, breast feeding, child immunisation, use of family planning devices for spacing, motivation to men for adopting temporary and permanent means of family planning, freedom to women to chose timing of pregnancy, end to discrimination between boys and girls, etc.

With Traditional Birth Attendants

One traditional birth attendant (TBA, also known as dai locally) has been selected from each of 1,000 villages in Varanasi district and 1,365 villages in Chandauli district and imparted training to strengthen home based delivery system. The TBAs were also trained for identification of high risk cases and their referral for institutional delivery.

This activity was staggered one. Master trainers were trained. These master trainers were in turn trained lead trainers, who are ANMs of the Health Department. It is the ANMs, who in turn provided training to TBAs and carried out follow up.

With PRI Representatives

A total of 840 gram pradhans, block development committee members, gram panchayat members and members from health and sanitation committees have been oriented on RCH issues.