Fortification of Mid Day Meal

Given the prevalence of micronutrient deficiencies amongst school children in Uttar Pradesh and the need of the state government for a pilot project on fortification within the state context, WFP and GoUP have agreed to jointly implement a demonstration project on integration of fortified rice and wheat flour in the Mid-Day Meals in the district of Varanasi. The project is being implemented with the understanding that, the fortification initiative will be gradually scaled-up across the entire state.

The overall mission of the collaborative project is to provide GoUP with an operationally feasible and economically viable model on integration of fortified staples in the MDM to create a positive impact on the micronutrient status and functional performance of school children for potential scale-up across the state.

As a implementing partner of the project SRF is required to Set up a management Unit; Develop Information, Education and Communication tools; organize district and block level sensitization workshops;Support in capacity building of school teachers and develop training modules for schools covered under the project andTimely and regular monitoring of the project and reporting.

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